Dog Warden issues on the spot fines

Dog owners who walk on the Rec and at Springdale Road must remember to pick after their dogs, the Dog Warden issues ‘on the spot fines’ to offenders and has done so very recently.

The Football season has started again and the parents walk the pitches thoroughly before matches and training start on Saturdays, and each time report that they pick up a dozen or more DFD’s (Dog Foul Deposits). Dog owners must remember that our children playing football often fall on their faces on the grass.

A few years ago the Parish Council considered asking dog owners to keep their dogs on leads until they reached the Dog Walking Field and there was public uproar, we must make sure they do not need to consider this plan again.

Scoop your poop!

I'm disgusted by lazy, irresponsible dog owners - people who either let their pet foul the footpath near my house or scoop the poop but then instead of taking it to dispose of properly either leave the bag under my garden hedge or throw the bag into my garden. I walked the path today and collected a carrier bag of lazy people's rubbish. I didn't have any gloves, so this time I left a couple of unmarked knotted plastic bags.

Once on carnival day several years ago, I found a used, very clearly fouled nappy had been thrown over my back gate. Some people are completely thoughtless.

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