Fight to Re-Open Gym Continues

Councillors Paul and Anne Holland have have been leading the fight to reopen the former Virgin Active Health Club.

“We have held talks with 3 gym operators,” said Cllr Paul Holland. “Vandalism of the building has occurred so we would urge residents to tell the police if they see anything suspicious.” “The owners want to build a dementia care home on the site but as long as we can prove that the health club is still required such change of use would be difficult to achieve," said Cllr Anne Holland.

Perhaps something like a poll

Perhaps something like a poll of local residents would help. If you can show a positive local support for the gym it may help to encourage the operators.

Are there any statistics available in the public domain about things like what the membership was at the end? how much the club cost to run per month.

12 months haha

12 months and you are still talking? and 3 lines of informative text! to let us know how your negotiations are evolving LOL if 3 gym operators cannot see the benefits in a year then tbh its not likely to happen? and the return on investment for a home far outweighs what the owner could get from a gym.

Disappointed as we tried hard to keep this place open for the community but it looks all a bit suspect to me...oh and how long does it have to be before you can apply for change of use :P

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