Collision at Windgreen

Two cars collided in Blandford Road by the Esso garage at Windgreen at about 7.50 this morning. One driver was trapped for some time and eventually released and taken to hospital by Air Ambulance.

The area surrounding the accident scene was cordoned off and a number of police and support officers kept concerned onlookers at a decent distance. Blandford Road was closed to all traffic and police signs diverted vehicles past the mini-roundabout and away from Windgreen Garage.

The air ambulance arrived and waited on the playing fields of Lockyers Middle School while the trapped driver was released by cutting off the vehicle's roof.

Once the injured had been rescued, police accident investigators examined the vehicles and road.

This took place during the morning rush as a number of pupils made their way on foot to Lockyers Middle School but thankfully, none were hurt.

The condition of those involved is not known.

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