Where are local dog training classes to corfe mullen

We recently got a puppy and i want to do the responsible thing and sign up for classes for both the dogs and my benefit as im new to this.
Does anyone know where such classes are held near corfe mullen?

Dog Training

You will find Dog Training classes at ...

Poole & District Dog training Society
War Memorial Hall
Tudor Road

Training is on Monday evening. Puppy class starts 7.00- 7.45

Dog training

...and if you happen to be a wheelchair user be prepared for them to turn you away "as it will scare the other dogs".

Wonderful socialisation opportunities missed!

Dog training

The comment made last July only came to the attention of trainers at Poole & District Dog Training Society (PDDTS) recently. PDDTS has an open policy of welcoming all dog owners and the hall is fully accessible for the disabled. The most common reason for not being able to take someone into a class is because the class is full and the owner is invited to join a waiting list, which owners keen to start can sometimes find frustrating. Any queries or comments please contact info@pooledogclub.co.uk

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