What is it?

Corfe Mullen Online is a village magazine, a bit like a printed one but it's a website. The idea is to help everyone keep up with village news, events and activities and to encourage community involvement. As a web site it can be updated quickly as well as being cheaper to publish. There are no print deadlines, no paid staff and no waste paper.

CMO depends on your input - we need your news and views!

CMO doesn't represent any single organisation - it's not here to tell you about one school, club, business or party but to be a public notice board, news source and village forum for everyone who lives here or has some connection or interest here. The aim is to inform and connect people together, while remaining independent.

We don't want to draw attention away from other local websites - we want to work together, so in the Village Directory you'll find links to all the ones we know about and we'd appreciate a reciprocal link back to CMO.

We want to stay up to date and will always need fresh content, so please tell us about any village events, notices and news and do contact us with your ideas, suggestions or offers to write an article. Any event or notice shown here means free publicity for your club or society, so don't miss out.

If you have something to say which will interest others, do add your comment in the forums or at the end of an article (anonymous comments are queued for approval) and when you're a registered user you can start a discussion on almost any subject.

One more thing: if you like the sound and look of this, please tell others about CMO.

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