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If you have questions or comments about this site, or ideas for new type of content this is the place to air your thoughts. If there's already a discussion going on your topic, just add a comment. If not, you can start a new discussion.
9 38 6 years 29 weeks ago
by Andrew
Any topics other than 'moan zone' or site-related ones go here. Remember site guidelines about unpleasantness, abuse and legal responsibility for your words. No sexism, racism, foul language or blasphemy. No spitting or jumping in the deep end. Be normal and nice and you'll be fine.
36 112 4 years 4 weeks ago
by Andrew
If you want to gripe about something, it goes here. This is not the place to raise a specific complaint about eg a school; deal with things like that through the usual complaint procedures. We'd expect to see discussions about thoughtless parking, dog owners who don't 'scoop', cold callers and the like. Don't gripe and run - if you raise a topic, you're also seeking the opinions of others and you need to be ready to respond to them.
2 4 7 years 24 weeks ago
by Ermintrude
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